reference Projects

Hospitality security


Weqaya has designed security measures for many Premier Hotels such as The Address Downtown Dubai and Hilton and Hyatt Groups overseas. Measures include FOH and BOH access control, concessions, Spas and Bars/Nightclubs

commercial security

Banking and Retail

Weqaya has carried out security design for such diverse projects as Banks with secure vaults and delivery docks as well as complete shopping centers with both retail and entertainment complexes. Specialties include Control Rooms Complexes

industrial security

Aviation and Petrochemicals

Weqaya has designed the security measures for Oil Refineries and Critical Infrastructure, including perimeter protection and HVM as well as more conventional security such as CCTV and Access Control. Services include Aviation and Port Security Auditing.

residential security

Palaces, Villas and Towers

From individual Super Prime Palaces with safe rooms; to Villa Complexes, Multi-Block Development and Residential Super Prime Towers; Weqaya provides comprehensive design services to address all security and fire safety aspects.

Crime Prevention through Environmental design

“Crime prevention by design (and indeed by other situational strategies) not only involves the designer in a radical shift in perspective from envisaging use to envisaging misuse…” Paul Ekblom

The design of any building must accommodate the principle that certain individuals will seek to misuse facilities. One should note the use of the word ‘will’ instead of ‘may’. Misuse is inevitable unless there is control or supervision. 

There is no such a thing as a bad area – it is one that facilitates misuse………

Weqaya has in-house CPTED and LEED Qualified personnel to ensure that the design and spatial configuration of each project is optimised as far as practical to provide intrinsic security; minimising the needs to install unsightly and intrusive electronic and physical security measures.

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